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This section contains Hilton Head Island maps. The general Hilton Head Island map below is an image map. Click an area and a brief Island description will pop up in a separate window. In this section there are also Hilton Head bike trail maps, beach access maps, Sea Pines map, Plantation maps, and Hilton Head Island street maps. This section also contains general driving directions, and a mileage chart.

This Hilton Head Island map is to help you get an idea of the different Island resort locals. We have broken the Island into six section, Sea Pines, Forest Beach and Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes, mid -island or the Chapin area, Mitchellville, and the west side. Click a map area, and it will bring up a brief description of that Island area. For specific Hilton Head Island maps see the below listing.

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In case you haven't noticed the Island is shaped like a Nike

[hilton head island map]

The toe and ball are Sea Pines; the outer sole is the  Shipyard, Forest Beach, and the Palmetto Dunes areas; the heel is The Hilton Head, Middle Beach and Port Royal; while the back ankle is Dolphin Head at Hilton Head Plantation.   

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